Stainless Steel Drink Bottles - ECOtanka & Cheeki

Cheeki Range at Simply Stainless

Simply Stainless commenced operation in 2009. Our business idea originated when we began researching both the health concerns of Bisphenol A (BPA) and the environmental impact of plastic bottles. We were shocked at the findings and equally concerned to find that almost everyone we knew, our family included, were drinking from possibly harmful plastic bottles!

We researched many plastic bottle alternatives and discovered that stainless steel drink bottles ticked all the boxes being BPA free, non leaching, eco-friendly, very hygienic, reusable for many years and ultra durable. With the support of a high quality range of stainless steel products from ECOtanka and Cheeki, Simply Stainless was born.

Simply Stainless is passionate about enhancing the health and wellbeing of our customers as well reducing the use of plastic bottles in the community. We take every opportunity to educate our online users about the dangers associated with BPAs as well as the impact of plastic waste on our environment.

Simply Stainless is especially dedicated to reducing the use of plastic bottles in schools and daycare centres. Not only do we aim to limit the exposure of children to potentially hazardous BPA, but we believe that by introducing children to stainless steel water bottles at a young age, they will continue to use them in the future. This will in turn reduce plastic waste and help preserve the environment for generations to come. If you are interested in using Simply Stainless as a fundraiser at you school or daycare, please contact us via the online form and we can provide further details on our fresh fundraising ideas.

Simply Stainless has a proven record of top quality customer service and we strive to continue to satisfy our customers by supplying an exceptional range of high quality, socially aware products.