Stainless Steel Drink Bottles - ECOtanka & Cheeki

Cheeki Range at Simply Stainless

Simply Stainless supplies a wide variety of stainless steel drink bottles and accessories.

Simply Stainless aims to educate customers about the dangers of reusing plastic water bottles and provide a safe and eco-friendly alternative. We are passionate about enhancing your health and wellbeing as well reducing the use of plastic bottles in the community.

Millions of plastic bottles are thrown out every year and unless incinerated, will be around in landfills, oceans and parks for hundreds of years to come. Reusing your plastic water bottles is not exactly a safe solution either. The repeated use of common disposable bottles (PET) can cause the plastic to break down and leach chemicals into your drinking water. Bisphenol A has been identified as a potential carcinogen that can be found within many household plastics including some baby bottles. BPA is a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics and has been linked to brain synapse, reproductive and developmental impairments.

After researching plastic bottle alternatives, Simply Stainless concluded that stainless steel water bottles were the ultimate solution. Stainless steel bottles are eco-friendly, free from BPA, non-leaching, hygienic, easy to clean and hard wearing.

Brands stocked by Simply Stainless include popular ECOtanka and Cheeki bottles. ECOtankas are a well known market leader providing modern and attractive stainless steel bottles. Cheeki stainless steel water bottles are a fun new Australian brand that has become a national success.

Both Cheeki and ECOtanka water bottles are made from high grade 304 stainless steel. They are 100% free from BPA, PVC and PET.

ECOtanka stainless steel bottles are available in different sizes including Teeny 350ml, Mini 600ml, Sports 800ml, Trekka 1 litre, Supa 1.2 litre and the Mega 2 litre. Cheeki stainless steel bottles are also available in different sizes including 350ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre varieties suitable for babies, toddlers, sports, travel or everyday use. A selection of handy accessories can be purchased such as baby spouts, sports caps, cooler covers and shoulder straps.

You only need to refill a stainless steel bottle approximately five times compared to purchasing five bottled waters to break even! This saving, coupled with saving the earth from excess landfill, makes stainless steel water bottles an easy choice.

Help us to look after our earth and avoid the purchasing and disposing of plastics.